About Us

The Organic Toy Company was founded in 2008, prompted by each of our three children having suffered, to varying extents, with eczema. We realised that the synthetic fibres of their soft toys were adversely affecting their skin sensitivities, so changing their soft toys for ones made with organic cotton was the ideal solution.  

At that time though, there was only very limited choice, without spending ridiculous amounts of time - that we didn't have - trawling the Internet to find some variety in designs... and to find toys that would appeal across their different age groups. We knew there must be other parents trying to find more natural and ethical toys for their children, so we decided to open a one-stop online shop that could offer a more varied range of organic toys.

We frequently hear from our customers that their children, or grandchildren, also suffer with eczema, so it made sense to add trusted organic skincare products to our website too.  

In our own family life, we try to eat and live as organically and as healthily as we can.  We love sharing our discoveries of eco and healthy-lifestyle products that we feel happy to put our seal of approval on. As such, we're now in the early stages of adding a greater diversity of products, that we feel complement this ethos. This isn't limited to toys or skincare items, but are products that we think will be of interest to anyone who's like-minded. (See our Not Just Toys! section.)  

Although ours is just a small, family-run business, we're hell-bent on providing a warm, personal and very high standard of customer care.  We're delighted to be able to say that we regularly receive glowing feedback from our customers' in response to their experiences with us. Where customers have given our permission to do so, we've shown some of the comments we've received on our Testimonials page.

How organic are the toys we stock?

We make it a criteria that all the soft toys we stock are made with 100% certified organic cotton as the main outer fabric that's in contact with skin. On some of the toys, there may be minor outer fabrics, a fabric's backing material or trimmings which aren't organic - and not all of the toys have organic fillings. 

In order to make it easier for you to know exactly what you're buying, we've set out this information on the lower section of each toy's description. As far as we know, we're unique in providing this level of detail and transparency about the toys' composition and background. 

If you're specifically looking for an organic toy which also has an organic - or at least, a natural filling, please see our dedicated category for these toys.